What sets Coastal Boat Insurance apart from the rest?

Because we’re boaters just like you, when you call Coastal Boat Insurance you’re speaking with experienced boaters –

People that in addition to knowing Boat Insurance have owned, driven and repaired center consoles, high performance Cigarette style boats, Sportfisherman, jet skis and 13’ Whalers. We’ve cruised to St Michaels, run “the Ditch” on the way to Florida, pulled up to Gilbert’s for  lunch and caught a couple tuna at the Hudson – We speak your language providing the BEST in Yacht / Boat Insurance NJ NY CT MD DE RI VA NC SC ME GA MA VT NH RI PA!

After 37 years in the Boat Industry most of all we’ve learned how to do things right because we only sell boat insurance – not car, not home, not healthcare just boats.

We assist our clients with their claims to make sure they are paid fairly and timely! Finally as boaters we can explain to you what you need and what your boat insurance covers in plain boater speak such as:

  • Basic coverage. Protection for which other carriers may demand additional premiums such as uninsured boater, personal property, medical payments, commercial towing, fuel spills, and dinghy.
  • Broad physical damage coverage. Protection in the event of a collision with a submerged object or another boat.
  •  Protection and indemnity coverage. Provides liability coverage for bodily injury or damage to the property of others.
  • Personal property coverage. Protects personal property on the yacht including, but not limited to, clothing, stereo system, cameras and other personal items.
  • Towing and assistance coverage. Transports your yacht to a repair facility when it’s inoperable and you’re stranded.
  • Hurricane haul-out reimbursement endorsement.
  • Customized navigation territories. To match your needs.
  • Lay-up discounts. For every month your yacht is kept out of the water.
  • Agreed Value or Actual Cash Value coverage.
  • And many other options

Coastal Boat Insurance NJ NY CT MD DE RI VA NC SC ME GA MA VT NH RI PA – “the Correct Coverage for the type of boating you do at Affordable Rates!”

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