Center Console Boat Insurance

Whereas the Runabout was the marine SUV’s of the 60’s and 70’s, the Center Console is SUV’s of today’s boater. Center Consoles come in many varieties and that makes having the correct center console boat insurance all the more important!

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Center Consoles are used for many things today, they are used for fishing, cruising, tenders and some have replaced the traditional Miami Vice type performance boat with speeds up to 100mph! The coverage we will help you select at Coastal Boat Insurance is reflective of those varying uses to provide the correct center console boat insurance.

We have “High Performance Center Console Insurance” – We don’t care if you have 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 engines we’ll Insure it!

As the center console boat has evolved so has center console boat insurance many of today’s center consoles have replaced the big Sportfisherman of yesteryear. Fishermen have found it advantageous to be able to trailer their boats from Tournament to Tournament rather than riding on its own bottom to get there. The speeds they travel across the water today with triple, quad and even 5 outboard motors have changed the way Center Consoles boat insurance carriers look at them.

Coastal Boat Insurance – by Boaters for Boaters to better assess your needs!

We’ll ask the important questions that the BIGGER “we insure everything, not just boats” insurance companies don’t know to ask like:

  • Do you keep rods and reels on your boat and what is the value of them?
  • Have you upgraded your marine electronics or stereo system recently?
  • Planning on doing some occasional fishing or cruising over the lay-up months?
  • Have you repowered over the past year?

Center console insurance NJ, Center console insurance NY, Center console insurance CT, Center console insurance DE, Center console insurance MD, Center console insurance VA, Center console insurance NC, Center console insurance SC, Center console insurance GA, Center console insurance RI, Center console insurance MA,The Center Console boat insurance carriers have gotten wiser today, they know a 34’ center console with 3 x 300hp engines does not have a max speed of 40mph. They assess your boats’ speed and therefore risk and that is why the experience of Coastal Boat Insurance is all so important. We’ll work the carriers, making sure your boat, your abilities, your usage are all factored in to provide “the correct coverage for the type of boating you do at affordable rates!”.

Your boat is more than a reward. It represents an investment and a lifestyle that deserves to be protected by experts in Center Console boat insurance.

As specialists in boat, yacht, cruiser, performance and commercial marine insurance for 30 + years, Coastal Boat Insurance provides a level of expertise that is unsurpassed in the marine insurance industry. By focusing exclusively on marine insurance, we are able to place a comprehensive array of marine boat insurance coverage for almost any type of watercraft.

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