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Your Cruiser / Sport Cruiser or Yacht is more than a boat—it’s a craft of unparalleled comfort and performance, technology and technique. And it’s the belief that happiness is best enjoyed with the wind in your hair, loved ones at your side and a beautiful boat beneath you.

At Coastal Boat Insurance we’re here to make sure you happiness is continued to be enjoyed no matter happens!

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With any Cruiser / Sport Cruiser or Yacht insurance it is important you have the right coverage, coverage that includes things like uninsured boater, personal property, medical payments, and commercial towing.

Aboard a typical Cruiser / Sport Cruiser or Yacht there is a likely hood of more Personal Property onboard than on a runabout or center console. The experts at Coastal Boat Insurance will help you identify and insure the personal property on your yacht including:

  • furnishings
  • clothing,
  • stereo / TV systems
  • artwork
  • cameras / video equipment
  • Other personal items.

Mega yacht insurance NJ, Mega yacht insurance NY, Mega yacht insurance CT, Mega yacht insurance DE, Mega yacht insurance MD, Mega yacht insurance VA, Mega yacht insurance NC, Mega yacht insurance SC, Mega yacht insurance GA, Mega yacht insurance RI, Mega yacht insurance MA, Mega yacht insurance ME, Mega yacht insurance FL, Mega yacht insurance Bahamas, Mega yacht insurance Central America, Mega yacht insurance South America, Mega yacht insurance Panama, Mega yacht insurance Costa Rica, Mega yacht insurance Cuba, Mega yacht insurance Caribbean Larger Cruisers / Sport Cruisers or Yachts especially in the Charter business will have paid crew. Does your agent or carrier take into account that you will need Cruiser / Sport Cruiser or Yacht insurance that covers crew’s liability to others and bodily injury to a paid crew, as it applies to general maritime law?

Did you know some States do not require operators of boats to carry insurance?

Sport cruiser insurance NJ, Sport cruiser insurance NY, Sport cruiser insurance CT, Sport cruiser insurance DE, Sport cruiser insurance MD, Sport cruiser insurance VA, Sport cruiser insurance NC, Sport cruiser insurance SC, Sport cruiser insurance GA, Sport cruiser insurance RI, Sport cruiser insurance MA, Sport cruiser insurance ME, Sport cruiser insurance FL, Sport cruiser insurance Bahamas, Sport cruiser insurance Central America, Sport cruiser insurance South America, Sport cruiser insurance Panama, Sport cruiser insurance Costa Rica, Sport cruiser insurance Cuba, Sport cruiser insurance Caribbean Your Cruiser / Sport Cruiser or Yacht represents an significant invest, a collision with even a small runabout can results in hundreds of thousands of Dollars in damages. At Coastal Boat Insurance our experts will make sure you are properly covered for uninsured boaters in the us or Internationally.

As specialists in boat, yacht, cruiser, performance and commercial marine insurance for 30 + years, Coastal Boat Insurance provides a level of expertise that is unsurpassed in the marine insurance industry. By focusing exclusively on marine insurance, we are able to place a comprehensive array of marine boat insurance coverage for almost any type of watercraft.

Coastal Boat Insurance “the correct coverage for the type of boating you do at affordable rates!” in NJ NY CT PA MD DE RI NH MA VA NC SC ME GA VT.

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